Ordinary Council Meeting

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

I hereby give notice that an Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held on:


Wednesday, 1 July 2020


to start at the conclusion of the SmartGrowth Leadership Group meeting, no earlier than 1pm


TrustPower BayPark Arena

Suite 1 (first floor)

81 Truman Lane

Mt Maunganui

Please note that this meeting will be livestreamed and the recording will be publicly available on Tauranga City Council's website:

Marty Grenfell

Chief Executive


Terms of reference – Council






Mayor Tenby Powell

Deputy chairperson

Cr Tina Salisbury


Cr Jako Abrie

Cr Larry Baldock

Cr Kelvin Clout

Cr Bill Grainger

Cr Andrew Hollis

Cr Heidi Hughes

Cr Dawn Kiddie

Cr Steve Morris

Cr John Robson


Half of the members physically present, where the number of members (including vacancies) is even; and a majority of the members physically present, where the number of members (including vacancies) is odd.

Meeting frequency

Six weekly or as required for Annual Plan, Long Term Plan and other relevant legislative requirements.


·        To ensure the effective and efficient governance of the City

·        To enable leadership of the City including advocacy and facilitation on behalf of the community.


·        Oversee the work of all committees and subcommittees.

·        Exercise all non-delegable and non-delegated functions and powers of the Council.

·        The powers Council is legally prohibited from delegating include:

o   Power to make a rate.

o   Power to make a bylaw.

o   Power to borrow money, or purchase or dispose of assets, other than in accordance with the long-term plan.

o   Power to adopt a long-term plan, annual plan, or annual report

o   Power to appoint a chief executive.

o   Power to adopt policies required to be adopted and consulted on under the Local Government Act 2002 in association with the long-term plan or developed for the purpose of the local governance statement.

o   All final decisions required to be made by resolution of the territorial authority/Council pursuant to relevant legislation (for example: the approval of the City Plan or City Plan changes as per section 34A Resource Management Act 1991).

·        Council has chosen not to delegate the following:

o   Power to compulsorily acquire land under the Public Works Act 1981.

·        Make those decisions which are required by legislation to be made by resolution of the local authority.

·        Authorise all expenditure not delegated to officers, Committees or other subordinate decision-making bodies of Council.

·        Make appointments of members to the CCO Boards of Directors/Trustees and representatives of Council to external organisations.

·        Consider any matters referred from any of the Standing or Special Committees, Joint Committees, Chief Executive or General Managers.

Procedural matters

·        Delegation of Council powers to Council’s committees and other subordinate decision-making bodies.

·        Adoption of Standing Orders.

·        Receipt of Joint Committee minutes.

·        Approval of Special Orders.

·        Employment of Chief Executive.

·        Other Delegations of Council’s powers, duties and responsibilities.

Regulatory matters

Administration, monitoring and enforcement of all regulatory matters that have not otherwise been delegated or that are referred to Council for determination (by a committee, subordinate decision-making body, Chief Executive or relevant General Manager).



Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

1 July 2020


Order Of Business

1         Apologies. 7

2         Public Forum.. 7

3         Acceptance of Late Items. 7

4         Confidential Business to be Transferred into the Open. 7

5         Change to the Order of Business. 7

6         Confirmation of Minutes. 7


7         Declaration of Conflicts of Interest 7

8         Deputations, Presentations, Petitions. 7


9         Recommendations from Other Committees. 7


10       Business. 8

10.1         Adoption of Urban Form and Transport Initiative (UFTI) Final Report 8

11       Discussion of Late Items. 384

12       Public Excluded Session. 384




1          Apologies

2          Public Forum  

3          Acceptance of Late Items

4          Confidential Business to be Transferred into the Open

5          Change to the Order of Business

6          Confirmation of Minutes


7          Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

8          Deputations, Presentations, Petitions


9          Recommendations from Other Committees


Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

1 July 2020


10        Business

10.1       Adoption of Urban Form and Transport Initiative (UFTI) Final Report

File Number:           A11586360

Author:                    Andy Mead, Manager: City & Infrastructure Planning

Authoriser:              Christine Jones, General Manager: Strategy & Growth


Purpose of the Report

1.      Receive the Urban Form and Transport Initiative Report (UFTI) for approval.


That the Council:

(a)     Receives the Urban Form and Transport Initiative Final Report July 2020

(b)     Endorses the UFTI Report as a Programme Business Case to guide land use and transport investment processes under a range of plans and work programmes, including Long Term Plans, the Regional Land Transport Plan and the National Land Transport Plan and the first iteration of the new Joint Spatial Plan for the western Bay of Plenty sub-region.

(c)     Notes the role of the SmartGrowth Leadership Group as the Portfolio Manager for the Programme and requests the Chair prepares a reporting framework for SmartGrowth Leadership Group approval at its next meeting.

(d)     Requests that the SmartGrowth Leadership Chair develops a project plan for the finalisation of the new Joint Spatial Plan including an iwi spatial layer and public engagement to be completed by 1 April 2021.

(e)     Notes that the SmartGrowth Leadership Group has delegated the Leadership Group Chair and Deputy Chair authority to make minor changes to the final Urban Form and Transport Initiative Programme Business Case to address errors or omissions.

(f)      Approves the Urban Form and Transport Initiative Final Report July 2020.




2.      In December 2018 Tauranga City Council resolved to partner with Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and NZTA in the sub-regional Urban Form & Transport Initiative (UFTI).

3.      The UFTI project has been actively progressed over the past 2 ½ years and is now complete for consideration and final approval. 

4.      The SmartGrowth Leadership Group (SLG) has received regular reports throughout the development of UFTI.   The TCC Transport and Urban Form Committee has also received reporting of progress and key issues.  Briefings have been held with TCC Elected Members at relevant points to provide more in-depth understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities.

strategy apPROVAL

5.      On 1 July the SLG will, at a formal meeting, consider the proposed final UFTI report with the view to recommending it to the SmartGrowth Partners for approval.

6.      After the SLG meeting on 1 July, each of the SG partners will hold a formal meeting to consider the recommendation from SLG.   

Financial implications

7.      The UFTI project is expected to be completed on budget (approved budget of $2.485 million and projected actual cost of $2.493 million). 

8.      The project has been co-funded by the SG partners (including NZTA FAR subsidy).

9.      The financial implications of the implementation of UFTI are included as indicative costings within the UFTI report.  Through subsequent planning process such as the Transport System Plan, the LTP’s, RLTP and project business cases there will be more detailed work on the costs of delivering on the UFTI outcomes.  These planning processes will be the subject of governance decision making and community engagement.

Legal Implications / Risks

10.    Risks associated with the implementation of UFTI are included in the UFTI report in the ‘Uncertainties’ section.


11.    Tauranga’s Significance and Engagement Policy determines whether a matter is significant. In making the assessment against this policy, there is no intention to assess the importance of this item to individuals, groups, or agencies within the community and it is acknowledged that all reports have a high degree of importance to those affected by Council decisions. Materiality is defined as being something that would influence the decisions or assessments of those reading or responding to the consultation document.

12.    In terms of the Significance and Engagement Policy the Urban Form and Transport Initiative is determined to be significant.  The development of the UFTI report has included engagement with stakeholders and opportunity for community engagement.  The process also drew on feedback from many previous engagement processes.  The subsequent development of Spatial Plan, LTP’s, RLTP and City Plan will involve engagement and communication with the community.


Next Steps

13.    The next steps to move UFTI to implementation are at both a sub-regional and individual partner level.

14.    Key sub-regional next steps include progressing and completing both the Western Bay of Plenty Sub-region Spatial Plan and the Transport System Plan (TSP). 

15.    The Spatial Plan is being led and funded through the SmartGrowth structure.  A project plan has been developed and early thinking is underway.  It is scheduled for completion in early 2021

16.    The Western Bay TSP is proceeding as a partnership project and is being funded by TCC and NZTA.   The project is well underway and has a scheduled completion of late 2020.

17.    TCC’s is progressing key initiatives for which it is responsible including the Te Papa Spatial Plan, Housing Choice Plan Change, Tauriko West and Te Tumu Greenfields planning. 

18.    As implementation moves forward the SG partners will continually monitor and assess opportunities to expedite implementation through legislative reform and partnership opportunities.


1.      UFTI Final Report - A11597367

2.      UFTI Final Report - Part 5 reports - A11598664   

Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

1 July 2020











































































































































Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

1 July 2020



































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Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

1 July 2020


11        Discussion of Late Items  

12        Public Excluded Session