Ordinary Council meeting

Monday, 9 May 2022 &

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

I hereby give notice that an Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held on:

Date / Time:

Monday, 9 May 2022 at 10am


Bay of Plenty Regional Council Chambers, Regional House, 1 Elizabeth Street, Tauranga

Date / Time:

Wednesday, 11 May 2022 at 10am


Huria Marae, 1 Te Kaponga Street, Brookfield, Tauranga

Please note that this meeting will be livestreamed and the recording will be publicly available on Tauranga City Council's website:

Marty Grenfell

Chief Executive


Terms of reference – Council





Commission Chair Anne Tolley


Commissioner Shadrach Rolleston

Commissioner Stephen Selwood

Commissioner Bill Wasley


Half of the members physically present, where the number of members (including vacancies) is even; and a majority of the members physically present, where the number of members (including vacancies) is odd.

Meeting frequency

As required


·             To ensure the effective and efficient governance of the City

·             To enable leadership of the City including advocacy and facilitation on behalf of the community.


·             Oversee the work of all committees and subcommittees.

·             Exercise all non-delegable and non-delegated functions and powers of the Council.

·        The powers Council is legally prohibited from delegating include:

o   Power to make a rate.

o   Power to make a bylaw.

o   Power to borrow money, or purchase or dispose of assets, other than in accordance with the long-term plan.

o   Power to adopt a long-term plan, annual plan, or annual report

o   Power to appoint a chief executive.

o   Power to adopt policies required to be adopted and consulted on under the Local Government Act 2002 in association with the long-term plan or developed for the purpose of the local governance statement.

o   All final decisions required to be made by resolution of the territorial authority/Council pursuant to relevant legislation (for example: the approval of the City Plan or City Plan changes as per section 34A Resource Management Act 1991).

·        Council has chosen not to delegate the following:

o   Power to compulsorily acquire land under the Public Works Act 1981.

·        Make those decisions which are required by legislation to be made by resolution of the local authority.

·        Authorise all expenditure not delegated to officers, Committees or other subordinate decision-making bodies of Council.

·        Make appointments of members to the CCO Boards of Directors/Trustees and representatives of Council to external organisations.

·        Consider any matters referred from any of the Standing or Special Committees, Joint Committees, Chief Executive or General Managers.

Procedural matters

·        Delegation of Council powers to Council’s committees and other subordinate decision-making bodies.

·        Adoption of Standing Orders.

·        Receipt of Joint Committee minutes.

·        Approval of Special Orders.

·        Employment of Chief Executive.

·        Other Delegations of Council’s powers, duties and responsibilities.

Regulatory matters

Administration, monitoring and enforcement of all regulatory matters that have not otherwise been delegated or that are referred to Council for determination (by a committee, subordinate decision-making body, Chief Executive or relevant General Manager).



Ordinary Council meeting Agenda

9 May 2022


Order of Business

1         Opening karakia. 7

2         Apologies. 7

3         Public Forum.. 7

4         Acceptance of Late Items. 7

5         Confidential Business to be Transferred into the Open. 7

6         Change to the Order of Business. 7

7         Confirmation of Minutes. 7


8         Declaration of Conflicts of Interest 7

9         Deputations, Presentations, Petitions. 7


10       Recommendations from Other Committees. 7


11       Business. 8

11.1         Long-term Plan Amendment / Annual Plan 2022/23 - Hearings 9 and 11 May 2022. 8

12       Discussion of Late Items. 13

13       Public Excluded Session. 13


14       Closing karakia. 13



1          Opening Karakia

2          Apologies

3          Public Forum

4          Acceptance of Late Items

5          Confidential Business to be Transferred into the Open

6          Change to the Order of Business

7          Confirmation of Minutes


8          Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

9          Deputations, Presentations, Petitions


10        Recommendations from Other Committees


Ordinary Council meeting Agenda

9 May 2022


11        Business

11.1       Long-term Plan Amendment / Annual Plan 2022/23 - Hearings 9 and 11 May 2022

File Number:           A13351627

Author:                    Josh Logan, Team Leader: Corporate Planning

Authoriser:              Christine Jones, General Manager: Strategy & Growth


1.   To receive and hear submissions from the public on the draft Long-term Plan Amendment and Annual Plan 2022/23.


That the Council:

(a)     Receives the written submissions to the draft Long-term Plan Amendment and Annual Plan 2022/23.

(b)     Receives and accepts submission numbers 1189-1196 that were received after submissions closed at 5pm on 26 April 2022.

(c)     Receives verbal submissions to the draft Long-term Plan Amendment and Annual Plan 2022/23.



Executive Summary

2.      At its meeting of 24 March 2022, Council adopted the consultation document and supporting documents for the proposed Long-term Plan Amendment (LTPA) and Annual Plan 2022/23 with the consultation period opening on 25 March 2022.

3.      At the same meeting Council adopted the Statement of Proposal: User Fees and Charges, Statement of Proposal: Development Contributions Policy and supporting documentation for consultation using a Special Consultative Procedure.

4.      Public consultation for the draft 2021-2031 Long-term Plan was undertaken between
25 March and 26 April 2022. The consultation document presented three key areas for consideration:

i.    For the Long-term Plan Amendment

a.   Options for the civic precinct development

b.   Applying for IFF funding

i. For funding the Western Bay of Plenty Transport System Plan

ii. For funding Tauriko West

ii.   For the Annual Plan 2022/23

a.   How quickly should we change the commercial differential on the general and transportation targeted rate

b.   Preferred option for Tsunami preparedness

iii.   Any other comments


5.     A full set of the submissions received for the LTPA and Annual Plan 2022/23 are part of this Agenda.  The submissions are collated into 11 volumes (refer Appendix 1). The submissions are publicly available on the Tauranga City Council website at:

6.     A list of the order of speakers is also attached to this agenda (Appendix 2).  This will be subject to change as speakers are confirmed and will be updated for the hearings.

Late Submissions

7.      The LTP submission period closed at 5pm on 26 April 2022. A number of late submissions have been received after this date. Submissions received after 5pm on 26 April 2022 and up until 3 May 2022 are deemed to be ‘late’. However, in recognition of 25 April 2022 being a public holiday and COVID-19 disruptions to the postal service we have accepted and processed all submissions received up till 3 May 2022.

8.      Any submissions received after the 3 May 2022 will not be able to be included in this agenda. Staff will contact these submitters directly to discuss their options. Late submissions will be tabled prior deliberations but may not be analysed alongside submissions received during the period.

Strategic / Statutory Context

9.      Council is required to have a Long-term Plan under s93 of the Local Government Act. As part of this, it is required to utilise the Special Consultative Procedure under s93 (5) of the Act.


10.    The Local Government Act 2002 requires an assessment of the significance of matters, issues, proposals and decisions in this report against Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy.  Council acknowledges that in some instances a matter, issue, proposal or decision may have a high degree of importance to individuals, groups, or agencies affected by the report.

11.    In making this assessment, consideration has been given to the likely impact, and likely consequences for:

(a)   the current and future social, economic, environmental, or cultural well-being of the district or region

(b)   any persons who are likely to be particularly affected by, or interested in,

(c)   the capacity of the local authority to perform its role, and the financial and other costs of doing so.

12.    In accordance with the considerations above, criteria and thresholds in the policy, it is considered that the LTPA and Annual Plan 2022/23 are of high significance.


13.    Taking into consideration the above assessment, LTPA and Annual Plan 2022/23 are of high significance, officers are of the opinion that no further engagement is required prior to Council making a decision due to the special consultative procedure having just concluded.

Next Steps

14.    Deliberations are scheduled to take place for the LTPA and Annual Plan 2022/23 over 24-26 May 2022.

15.    Council is due to adopt the final LTPA and Annual Plan 2022/23 on 27 June 2022.


1.      LTPA-AP - Submissions - A13431634

2.      Speaking schedule (as at 4 May 2022) - A13431625   

Ordinary Council meeting Agenda

9 May 2022


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Ordinary Council meeting Agenda

9 May 2022


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Ordinary Council meeting Agenda

9 May 2022


12        Discussion of Late Items

13        Public Excluded Session   


14        Closing Karakia